Doorcase Brad Nailer

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Air operated Double brad nailer machine using twin OMER Italian Bradnailers with remote fire triggers.

Trough in front to place jamb to run bead of glue prior to nailing

Showing adjustable stops for justifying jamb and both side trims at base.

Headers as well.

Mitres done after this operation by other means.

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Width adjustment is simple, loosed screws both sides of carriage, open out to jamb width required, lockup screws.

Brad nails fired by adjustable stops by an air trip where trigger valve fires both tools at the same time. Usually at 8in space along with 2x hinged flip trips. Traditionally 2 Brads 1in apart at beginning and end.

For different trim widths Rip down sets 5/8in MDF and drop into place behind angle plates shown.

Sealed roller bearings push down jamb and trim sideways to give a tight fit as carriage goes down the length.

Tools only fire in one direction due to one way trigger valve.

X-Y linear rails keep everything square and parallel with seals to prevent sawdust contamination.

Reliable OMER Italian Brad Nailers with easy clearing of nail jams.

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