72-Long Arm sewing machine           50-Long Arm


INDUSTRIAL LONG ARM SEWING MACHINE  Showing a 50" throat utilizing a singer 300W chain stitch used in the pool and spa industry. Good also for Tarps.

Different Long arm available up to 72" throat

Showing a custom zig zag PLC hands free to make a webbing and rope loop detail for the edges of tarps or tie downs. loop1
flag2 Showing an automated flag hemming and labeling station
Auto grommet making for vinyl banners and tarps. grom1

 40' long joiner using a 300W Singer chain stitch machine with puller, thread break switch, photocell stop at end of seam, and thread trimmer.

Seam tensioned along bed then machine drives down a track folding edges while sewing. Ideal for long joining tarps or covers.

Innovative custom seamer for sewing safety pool covers. Digitally sync between top and bottom sewing components. Give you an unhindered clearance both left and right of the needles. Singer 300W, 3 needle chain stitch with intermittent back puller. noarm8

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